Shure 444, 1990 Shure Controlled Magnetic element


Shure 444, 1990 Shure Controlled Magnetic element


Custom Shure 444, Bullet Mic
– Excellent Tone! Hot!
– High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
– Vintage 1990 Shure Controlled Magnetic
– 99S556 DK element
– Fully Tested and Working

Ok, it's ugly. Lumpy paint job, and purple to boot. I got this in a trade, but I gotta say, it's a pretty good mic anyway. This is a chopped, milled, and painted bullet mic head from a classic Shure desk microphone. It’s been beheaded, and milled to remove the base. This is a plastic shell, but then that makes is quite light. This makes the mic a nice small diameter, easy-to-hold, and stage-ready.

It's got a Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on connector and 100K volume control for on-stage flexibility. This shell is light, and has a New silver and black grille.

Tone-wise, this mic is hot and has great controlled bass distortion when cupped, and clear, crisp tone when open. This CM element sound is what’s important, and it has excellent sound!

The mic features:
– Strong 1990 Shure 99S556 DK element
– Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on connector
– 1200 Ohms, Strong element
– Ugly paint

Poor cosmetic condition, but works like a charm. Please look carefully at the photographs.

The mic has been tested on a Mission Chicago 30 watt amp, and on a lovely little Kalamazoo Model Two amp. It performs great on both.

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Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in