Many of my customers buy elements only, and build their mics by themselves. A number of these folks admit they, “don’t know how to solder very well.” Well neither did I. In fact I only learned a scant few years ago.

The web is just filled with great information on soldering. I have to say, though, I found the following links about as useful as could be. The guy behind them is an Aussie named David Jones, and he is quite weird. But he knows his electronics stuff. These videos are comprehensive and mildly entertaining in a geeky sort of way. His site is

So, if you want to see the tools and techniques of soldering, I recommend taking the time to watch these videos.

How to Solder well:
EEV Blog Sodering Tutorial Part 1:
Part 2:

Though Weller is the biggest vendor of soldering stations, Here’s the Hako station I ended up buying. (after watching the above videos),:
Hako FX-888 or FX888D. About $90 on Amazon.

The soldering tip I use:
Hako Chisel Tip which, in my limited experience, gets a bit more heat to microphone wires.