Sell me your Vintage Harmonica Microphones

I buy many brands and styles of microphones. All of the microphones I purchase are rebuilt into mics used by harmonica players. Harp players have traditionally used bullet-shaped mics, generally built by Shure Brothers and Astatic. Commonly called “Bullet Mics,” these are known primarily by their round, cue-ball size and metal construction. They look cool too.


Shure Brothers started manfacturing these elements in 1949, and the last one’s were produced in the late 1990’s. These elements produce the best sounding harp mics. For the shells, I find vintage Astatic JT-30, Astatic W-30, Astatic Brown Bullet, Shure 520 Green Bullet, Shure 540 Green Bullet, Shure 540DX, Electrovoice EV605, Electrovoice EV 630, Turner BX, Blues Blaster, and other vintage bullet microphones for my rebuilt harp mics. All of them are carefully brought back to life. Sometimes I leave the exterior alone, sometimes I sandblast and powder coat them, but there’s always the potential for imperfections. I try to note them whereever I can.


Hook any of these vintage harp mics to your favorite harp amp and you’ll have an entirely new tone. Coupled with a good harmonica amplifier, these custom harp mics will bring out subtle tonal qualities in your harmonica playing you just never knew you had.

Shure Microphone Models:
Any bullet-shaped microphone
401A Blue
520 Bullet
520SL Bullet
707A Bullet
404C, 405K, 407A, 414A , 418A
419A,  505C Ranger
444, 450, 488A Desk
510C, 510S Hercules

Bullet Microphone Models:
Any bullet-shaped microphone
Shure 520, 440, 707
Astatic 30, JT-30, Blues Blaster, Biscuit
Astatic T3, 200
Turner CX, BX, BD, 250, 251, 252, 253
RCA Challenger
Argonne AR-54
Electro Voice

Ham, Mobile and CB Micphone Models:
Shure EM25, 25M, 25EE, 104C, 404C
Shure 444
Shure 450
Shure 97U56
General Electric Mastr Exec II
GE Mastr II