1940’s Astatic JT-30, ’58 Shure 99A86 CM, Rare and Fantastic Tone.


Dirty Tone with Great Honk
1940’s Astatic decal

1940’s High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
Unique olive-grey paint, Great Element
1958 Shure 99A86 842 Controlled Magnetic
Fully Tested and Working
1184 Ohms
New Gasket
Totally Rewired

Here’s rebuilt Vintage Astatic Model JT30 harp mic, with a fantastic fat, strong, vintage Shure controlled magnetic element from 1958. The connector is a Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on model. The paint is in very, very good condition, and is a unique olive gray color, so keep that in mind. The mic shell is 75 years old or so. The grill is in excellent condition.

I can’t quite place the date on this shell. I’ve never had one with this Astatic sticker. The long-dead crystal element inside this microphone was dated May of 1942. Could be that it’s the original element, and this shell, too, is from 1942. I can’t be sure.

Everyone has a personal taste about how a microphone sounds. To my ears, this element is exceptionally strong, with a nice honking tone and a really fat bottom. It’s pretty dirty-sounding.

The new transducer gasket is from jlspoor.com, and seals the shell casing for the best response from the element.

Cosmetic condition includes minor scuffs and scratches to the original mint-grey shell coat.
The microphone has been fully tested on a Skip Simmons modified Masco MA-17 P.A. amp head driving a twin-ten cabinet with Lil’ Buddy speakers. Sounds excellent. Ready for the stage.

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