1940’s Astatic JT-30, Shure CM


Hot Crisp Tone
1940’s Astatic B-series Tin Tag

1940’s High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
New Installed Volume Control
Very Rough Paint, Excellent Element
Shure 99A86 QC Controlled Magnetic
Fully Tested and Working
1040 Ohms
New Gasket
Totally Rewired

Another rebuilt Vintage Astatic Model JT30 harp mic, with an good, strong, vintage Shure controlled magnetic element from 1977. I’ve fully rewired the mic, including an integrated volume control. The connector is a Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on model. The paint is chipped and scuffed, so keep that in mind. The mic shell is 75 years old or so. The Grill is in excellent condition.
Everyone has a personal taste about how a microphone sounds. To my ears, this element is very hot, with a crisp tone. Still nicely distorted when cupped hard.

The new transducer gasket is from Blows Me Away productions, and seals the shell casing for the best response from the element. The volume-crontrol is matched to the high-impedance element, and has a vintage black aluminum control knob tucked into the former stand hole.

Cosmetic condition IS POOR, and includes lots of scuffs and scratches to the original grey shell coat.

The microphone has been fully tested on a Skip Simmons modified Masco MA-17 P.A. amp head driving a twin-ten cabinet with Lil’ Buddy speakers. Sounds excellent. Ready for the stage.

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