1940’s Turner BX with 1958 Shure Controlled Magnetic Element


Original 1940’s Paint, Gritty and Cool!
High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
1958 Shure Controlled Magnetic
99A86 807 element 1066 ohms
Fully Tested and Working

I love this model as a harp mic. It’s compact and easy to hold, with the top fin allowing you a better grip. This is way cool, and works great. The element has a great tone, and is ready to gig.

This mic features:
– Vintage 1958 Shure 99A86 CM Element
– New Element Gasket
– Original Paint
– Fat Tone
– 5/8″ Screw-on Connector

This is a used mic, with original paint. There are some scuffs and scratches, but the tone is gritty and awesome.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in

This is an original product, remanufactured in my basement.


This product has been remanufactured using vintage parts. Many of these parts are 40-50 years old, and as such I can't warrant them to be without defects, blemishes, or other problems when you receive the product. Sorry, no returns.