1980 Shure 520D Green Bullet – Shure CM 99S556 TI Element


Original Paint, Fat solid tone, USA Built
520D with Original Vintage High-Impedance 1980 Shure Controlled Magnetic 99S556 TI element.
This is a nice original Shure 520D with Evanston IL tag. The guts are original, but with all new wiring, new Switchcraft cable connector, premium volume control knob, original element gasket, with a really great-sounding controlled-magnetic element from 1963. The grille is brushed chrome, not painted like later year models.

This is a used mic, with original paint. It’s ┬ákind of rough. There are many scuffs and scratches from nearly 40 years of use, but the tone is gritty and awesome.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in