Custom 1940′s Turner BX, 1974 Shure Condrolled Magnetic Element


Custom Chopped, Fresh Powder Coat 
Awesome Tone!
1940’s High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
Vintage 1974 Shure Controlled Magnetic Element
Fully Tested and Working

Here’s a lovely vintage Turner CX chopped and powder-coated in Illusion Gold. The powder is not perfect, but overall the shell is beautiful. This element is simply awesome, with nice bass response when tightly cupped, and crisp highs wide open. Ready to gig with huge fat-bottom bass.

You’ll notice the pock marks on the belly of this mic. When the initial mold for this mic was poured, there were some bubbles right where the stand mount sits. They show up only after you sandblast the shell to ready it for powder coating. My powder coating vendor missed these holes, and so they were not filled before the work. My loss, but if you don’t mind the defects, the rest of the shell is just beautiful.

Freshly wired with a 5/8′ Switchcraft screw-on connector. Marine-grade stainless steel mesh and new polyester cloth backing.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in

This is an original product, remanufactured in my basement.


This product has been remanufactured using vintage parts. Many of these parts are 40-50 years old, and as such I can't warrant them to be without defects, blemishes, or other problems when you receive the product. Sorry, no returns.