Custom Chopped Argonne AR 54, On/Off switch 1974 Shure Element


Excellent Vintage Element
Argonne AR-54  Harmonica Microphone

Vintage Shure Controlled Magnetic
Hi-Z 99A86 NG element 1974
Fully Tested and Working

Here’s a chopped, rebuilt 1950's Argonne AR 54 harp mic I took in trade from a buyer. It's been repainted, and is in fair cosmetic condition. This mic features a 1974 Shure controlled-magnetic element. It's high-impedance, and strong.

This is kind of a unique mic. It's got a built-in 1/4″ guitar jack, so you can use any standard guitar cord to connect it to your amp. Additionally, it's got a mini on-off switch to control it on stage, or shut it down in case of feedback. The gasket was customized, and used silicone caulking. Not pretty, but airtight and solid.

Everyone has a personal taste about how a microphone sounds. I like the full tone of this mic. It’s very dirty when cupped tightly, but crisp and clear when open.

Cosmetic condition includes white paint, and I don't know it's origin, or durability. Make sure to closely view the photographs! An interesting chopped version of the Argonne series mics.

The microphone has been fully tested on a Skip Simmons modified Masco MA-17 P.A. amp head driving a twin-ten cabinet with Lil’ Buddy speakers. Sounds excellent. Ready for the stage.

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