Custom Hi-Z Green Bullet with 1976 Shure Controlled Magnetic Element 99S556 PI


Great Tone, Reasonable Price.
High-Impedance Harp Mic, Vintage Tag, VC
I've taken a stock Shure 520DX and gutted the interior, switching it out with a vintage Shure Controlled-magnetic element for great tone. The mic also has been totally rewired, with a new volume control, aluminum knob, and Switchcraft 5/8″ screw on cord connector.

The tag is originally from a CR20SLE, but now has a new home on this shell. Though the tag says “low-impedance,” rest assured there is an excellent-sounding HI-Z element inside.

There is a custom grill screen behind the front ribs, using stainless steel mesh and polyester. Looks cool. I've added a custom element gasket to keep the element right where it should be, and stop it from ever rattling around.

This is a used mic, with good original paint. There are some scuffs and scratches from the previous owner. This mic has been thoroughly tested through 3 amps by yours truly.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in