Custom Red Pearl Shure 520SL, 1967 CM Element, Fresh Chrome


Custom Red Pearl Powder Coat, Fresh Chrome Grille
Awesome Crunchy Tone!
High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
Volume Control
1967 99A86 element
Fully Tested and Working

My dog got a hold of the shell. This is a kind of ragged original Shure 520SL that’s been powder-coated, newly rewired, with a new Switchcraft cable connector, premium volume control knob, new element gasket, and a really great-sounding Shure Controlled-Magnetic element from 1967. The grill is freshly chromed with stainless steel grill screen backed by white nylon fabric.

Tone-wise, this mic is hot and gritty, has great distortion when cupped, and a bright, loud sound uncupped.

The mic features:
– Strong 1967 Shure 99A86 element
– Integrated Volume Control
– Premium Volume Control Knob
– Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on connector
– Powder coat with gloss topcoat
– Freshly-chromed grill

Cosmetically? Well, the powder coat is great, but the shell itself has some divots from sandblasting.  Clean original Shure tag, and beautiful chrome up front. Look CLOSELY at the pictures at the flaws before you buy. Honestly though, who really cares?Fully tested and working.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in