Gold Pearl/White Shure 440 Bullet Microphone, 1966 Controlled Magnetic Element


Custom Honey Pearl Powder Coat
White Powder Grill

Strong, Hot, and Crunchy Tone!
High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone
Volume Control
Vintage 1966 Shure Controlled Magnetic
99G86 GF element
Vintage tin Shure 440 model tag
Fully Tested and Working

This is a very nice original Shure 440 green bullet that’s been powder-coated, newly rewired, with a new Switchcraft cable connector, premium volume control knob, new element gasket, and a really great-sounding vintage Shure Controlled-Magnetic element from 1966. The grill is freshly powder-coated gloss white.

Tone-wise, this mic is strong and hot, with great distortion when tightly cupped. This ’66 Shure Controlled Magnetic element has that sought-after crunchy tone.

The mic features:
– Strong 1966 Shure 99G86 element
– Integrated Volume Control
– Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on connector
– 1064 Ohms, Strong high-impedance element
– Honey Pearl Powder coat with gloss topcoat
– Vintage Brushed Chrome Grill
– Includes Switchcraft 332A screw-on to guitar cable adapter

Great cosmetic condition, Ballsy tone. Look carefully at the photos. Shell has some minor imperfections.

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Additional Information
Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in