Multi-Impedance Vintage 1940’s Shure Unidyne 55 Microphone #4


Vintage 1940’s fully-functional multi-impedance Shure 55 Unidyne “Fatboy”  dynamic microphone in great working and cosmetic condition. The cosmetics are exceptional for its age, with little or no pitting on the chrome, which is pretty rare on these 70-year-old mics. And the tone! Smooth as can be, really impressive for vocals and harp.

This mic has the original Shure logo still intact (which is kind of rare.) It’s ready to use, or as pretty show pieces. The sound of these mics is really impressive. Full, rich, and smooth as silk. I was surprised at how beautiful they sound.
The included 20 foot cable works well, and is the Amphenol 3 pin to 1/4″ model. The rubber insulation on the cable is hard and cracking. If you’re going to use it on-stage you’ll most definitely want to replace the wire.

This mic has a black windscreen that is in great condition, and the exterior of the mic is in very good cosmetic condition with minor scuffs and scratches.

This is what Shure said about this mic in 1951: (Download PDF to see it all)
Model 55 is-a super cardioid unidirectional moving coil dynamic microphone providing wide-range high quality reproduction of sound. The true unidirectional characteristic of the “Unidyne”, obtained by the “uniphase” principle* provides highly satisfactory operation under adverse acoustic conditions where a conventional microphone would be practically useless.

The microphone has a specially designed moving system containing a new type moving-coil element, operating in conjunction with a high flux magnet in the
magnetic circuit providing high efficiency and smooth peak free response from 40 to 15,000 cycles. The rear response is down approximately 15 db due to the “uniphase” unidirectional acoustic network.

The case is modern in design with attractive streamlining and grille treatment. The head tilts through an angle of 90° to permit aiming at the source of sound for best pickup. A built-in cable connector is provided and a 20 ft. shielded rubber-jacketed cable with microphone plug attached is included.

Model 55 is suitable for high quality public address, broadcasting, recording and similar applications. The true unidirectional characteristic of the “Unidyne” provides an easy solution to the feedback problem in reverberant locations, facilitates orchestral placement, permits best utilization of space in small
broadcast studios, and allows practically complete exclusion of unwanted noises. The swivel allows the head to be tilted through an angle of 90° permitting the microphone to be aimed at the source of sound.

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