New Old Stock 1997 Shaker Crystal Blues Harp Microphone, 1/4″ Connector


Vintage 1997 Shaker Crystal with 1/4″ connector

Picked this Shaker up in a music store buyout. This is the Crystal version of the current Shaker microphone. The crystal model is no longer manufactured, and it’s got a different, sharper tone than the dynamic version. This one is brand new, but it’s from around 1997.

I think this crystal is at about 50% strength as opposed to the dynamic model. If you’re gonna use this one, you’ll need to crank your amp up higher than you’re used to. Tone is still great, but it lacks the power I’m used to.

This mic has a 11 detent volume control knob. The shape is ergonomic, designed to fit in the hand that holds the harp, with almost no conscious effort. This greatly reduces hand fatigue and allows greater use of both hands for gestures. This is one great sounding mic. Lightweight, under 4 ounces.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in