Original 1964 Shure EM8B Harp Mic – Shure CM 99A86 DH Element


1964 Vintage Shure Element
Shure EM8B Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Original Grill, gasket, and element
Newly Wired, New Switchcraft connector
Vintage Shure Controlled Magnetic
Hi-Z 99A86 DH element August 1964
Hot, with Big Bottom-end Tone
Fully Tested and Working

August of 1964 is when this reasonably rare EM8B was built. Though identical in every way to a Green Bullet, the EM tag was more prevalent on General Electric hand microphones in ’64. It’s weathered pretty well, with no bumps on the grill face, or scratches to the shell paint. But if you’re into tone more than cosmetics, you’ll like this microphone. It’s got an strong, high-impedance vintage Shure controlled magnetic element. I’ve fully rewired the mic. The new connector is a Switchcraft 5/8” screw-on model. The mic shell is 57 years old or so.

Loud, solid tone, with a nice fat 60’s bottom and distortion.

Cosmetic condition includes quite minor scuffs the original blue/gray shell coat. Make sure to closely view the photographs! A great version of the Shure bullet series mics.

The microphone has been fully tested on a Skip Simmons modified Masco MA-17 P.A. amp head driving a twin-ten cabinet with Lil’ Buddy speakers. Sounds excellent. Ready for the stage.

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