2-Pack, Shure Green Bullet Grille Screws, fit most Shure shells, 520, 440, EM8, 707, etc.


Genuine Shure Bullet Microphone Grille Screws

Yes, these are the extremely hard to find Shure replacement grill screws. Especially if you drop one on your workshop floor. These fit most every Shure shell and grille.

Why are these screws so hard to find? Because they have very narrow screw heads, and an insane thread measurement. The generic description is “Flat Head Machine Screw, Brass, Nickel Plated, No. 4-36 UNS-2A Thread.” The total length is 0.187 inch / 4.7 mm. This is not a standard screw and that’s why it’s difficult to obtain from a fastener supplier.

You can find them at Angela. They sell packet of 6 for $13.99. But if you only need one or two, Simple Mics is your place.

You get 2 screws for $7.75


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Additional Information
Weight0.005 lbs
Dimensions.25 × .25 × .25 in