1940’s Chrome Turner BX, 1956 Shure CR element, Hot!


I love this model as a harp mic. It’s compact and easy to hold, with the top fin allowing you a better grip. This is way cool, and works great. The element has a great tone, and is ready to gig. It’s a hot element, which breaks up throughout the tonal range for a nice gritty feel.

This mic features:
– Vintage 1956 Shure Controlled-reluctance 99E86 608 Element
– New Element Gasket
– All New Wiring
– Original Brushed Chrome
– Fat Tone
– 5/8″ Screw-on Connector

This is a used mic, with original paint. There are some scuffs and scratches, but the tone is gritty and awesome. It is fully tested by yours truly through three amps, and it works perfectly.

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