Vintage Post 1970’s Shure 99B86 Harmonica Microphone Elements


Shure High-Impedance Harmonica Microphone Elements
99B86 Elements
Fully Tested and Working

Shure Controlled-Magnetic microphone elements are the choice of harp players around the world as the guts of bullet mics.

If you build harp mics, you know that these take a lot of effort to locate and buy. Each of these elements similar tonally. I would confidently use these for any bullet microphone installation.

I indvidually tested each element in a Shure Green Bullet shell and played them through a Kalamazoo Model Two, and custom Mission Chicago Harp Amps. Great tone, and any of them is ready to gig. Way better than the elments in a Hohner Blues Blaster or Astatic JT30VC.

These Elements feature:
– Good Cosmetic Condition
– Excellent harp tone
– Resistance readings over 1020 Ohms
– Available with pre-soldered leads if requested.
– Manufactured from 1970-1989

These are a used elements, tested and working, well-packed and shipped right away.

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