Vintage Shure 505C CB Audio Microphone Blues Harp Harmonica Controlled Magnetic


1959 Shure 505 C Ranger High Impedance Radio Microphone
– Used, but in very good condition
– Original Box with torn top cover
– Shure Controlled Magnetic 99B86 915 mic element
– USA Manufactured in April 1959
– Excellent tone for blues harmonica use
– Fully Tested and working. Strong Output. 1020 Ohms
– All metal case
– Cable a little stiff, but no cracking in the plastic coating

Ok, usually I would use this element for making custom blues harmonica microphone. But finding this in such good cosmetic condition with the original box has changed my mind. It’s just too pretty to gut. Great cosmetic condition. Just a scuff on the 1/4″ input jack. The microphone switch works just as expected, and has a lively spring.

If you’re looking for great tone for your harp mic project, this 99B86 element from 1959 is an excellent choice. This cartridge works flawlessly. It’s the same element as used in Shure Green Bullet and 520 series microphones. Maybe you use the element and keep the box and housing for a conversation piece.

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